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CineHub APK has earned a great reputation as one of the oldest and the most popular streaming applications in the market. Cinehub has a massive collection of content sourcing from your favourite apps like Netflix and amazon prime video.
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Since the shutdown of the legendary Terrarium TV, many alternative applications have made their way to the net, and most recently CineHub APK has appeared as one of the most reliable options.

CineHub is a movie app that may not need any introduction because it’s well known for its high-quality movies and tv shows. Everyone with an android phone can easily browse through a wide range of titles and find interesting content from movies and tv shows.

CineHub is a lightweight app that doesn’t use much of your device resources. It will display all the trending content from Action, Comedy, Sci-Fi, and other genres on the home page for the best user experience. Moreover, you will get to read the complete information about any particular movie including IMDB Rating, Year Of Release, Start Cast, etc.

CineHub APK has earned a great reputation as one of the oldest and the most popular streaming applications in the market. CineHub has a massive collection of content sourced from your favorite apps like Netflix and amazon prime video.

Carrying a huge database of movies and TV shows, CineHub APK has rapidly risen in ranks as far as third-party streaming applications are concerned. CineHub carries old titles, popular titles, as well as the latest titles in movies and TV shows.

CineHub APK features a very simple and easy-to-navigate user interface introducing two main sections of media content which are Movies & TV Shows. Each section contains multiple categories for you to pick what to watch.

Apart from simply bringing the content on your compatible device, CineHub brings with it a lot of information regarding the title including release year, IMDB rating, and even about the cast and the crew.

With CineHub APK, you will be able to find out the trending, popular tv shows, and movie stuff. Auto suggestions and recommendations from the CineHub App are truly the best things that everybody is loving from different corners of the world.

The development team behind CineHub makes sure that the app receives updates in the form of new content and bug fixes periodically so that the users don’t face any kind of issues while utilizing the services of the application.


There are a ton of options available when it comes to movie apps for android devices. But there is no single app available with the best attributes such as HD Movies, and HD TV Shows. Subtitles Support, Fast Loading, Responsive Design, Great Technical Support, Wide Range of content from different genres.

So, if you are looking for the movie app that works best on your phone, CineHub APK is the right choice for you because it has got plenty of great features that you can check below.

  • Regular Updates

CineHub is very keen to provide regular updates to the app to keep it bug-free. So, users will get timely updates to the content and the app’s version as well.

  • HD Content Options

It has a big catalog of HD Movies and TV Shows for all its users. You can just choose the picture quality that you want to watch from 1080p to 320p.

  • Subtitles Support

This is yet another best thing about the app because users of all languages can get the subtitles in their native language. You can even import from your device.

  • Watch Content Offline

CineHub APK allows all android users to watch content online and download content for offline viewing. So, you don’t necessarily need internet all the time.

  • Completely Free App

CineHub App is completely free to use and there are no paid versions available. Everything that you see in the application can be accessed just like that.

  • No Login Required

The app is so simple to use and you don’t need to create an account to use it. But the signup is also supported as an option that can be used by interested people.

Download CineHub for Android

Due to copyrights issues, CineHUb APK hasn’t made its way to the official Play Store. This means that you need to download the APK file and make some slight adjustments to your Android device in order to enjoy all the amazing feature of this app.

The APK file of CineHUb can be found in various third-party sources on the net. This page provides you with latest version of the app

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