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Download the YouTube Music app to listen to the best music on your mobile. Create playlists, browse for new artists, and enjoy personalized suggestions
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Download the YouTube Music Premium APK mod latest version for Android right now and start listening to the best music on your mobile phone.

YouTube Music is Google’s streaming music platform and one of the best alternatives to Spotify Apk or Apple Music.

It has an extensive catalog of music and videos with which you can enjoy an impressive number of songs. And all this on your mobile phone, allowing you to always carry the best music with you.

YouTube Music on your mobile, different subscription options

YouTube Music is not a free service. You can download the app for free and try it for a month at no cost, but after that you have to pay a monthly subscription.

Currently, there are two subscription options: basic and premium. The first has a cost of 9.99 euros per month, while the second amounts to 11.99 euros per month.


One of the main advantages of YouTube Music Premium is being able to listen to music and watch videos without advertising.

An interface without surprises

The interface of the mobile application is quite simple and does not offer any great surprises. Especially if you already know the apps of other popular music services like Spotify.


Like other similar services, it offers personalized recommendations. In this sense, YouTube Music has the advantage that it knows your tastes, since it has access to the data that YouTube has about you.

On its main page, your favorites, recommendations, proposals, news and several more rows with varied content appear. The presentation is very visual.

In addition to the home one, you will find a tab called explore and another library. The first is ideal for meeting new artists and keeping up to date with what’s new. The library shows you the songs you’ve recently listened to, your playlists, and much more.

Create Playlists

YouTube Music allows you to create playlists with your favorite songs. It is a tool that, without assuming anything new, is extremely practical. It is very useful whether you want to simply hit the player and listen to a selection of songs of your choice or for professional applications, such as preparing lists for classes or events.


The platform also offers you list suggestions. Some adapted to your mood, the time of day or the place where you are.

A great search engine

One of the aspects in which YouTube Music stands out is in its search engine, which turns out to be quite complete. Thus, searches are not limited to offering a list of possible results. First of all, they present a recommended one, which is the one that YouTube thinks you are looking for. A series of results for artists, albums, songs, videos, and playlists related to your search are then grouped together.

Thus, you will not only find the song you are looking for, you will also be able to listen to a wide variety of related topics.

An integrated player

How could it be otherwise, the YouTube streaming music app has an integrated player. This, in addition to the playback control, shows the title, the artist and a cover. It also has two buttons to indicate whether we like the song or not.

Other functions included are cyclic and random playback. Lastly, it features a volume control and the option to open the theme in full screen.

Videos and more videos

When you opt for full-screen playback, YouTube Music often uses videos uploaded to the platform to accompany the theme song. Thus, it may happen that a video clip is displayed while the song is playing. In any case, the app allows you to choose whether you want to watch the video clip or just play the audio.

A huge catalog and the possibility to upload your own songs

Although there are no official figures confirmed, it is rumored that YouTube Music has more than 50,000 million songs in its catalog. Catalog that is constantly being updated. In this way, it would surpass its great rivals Spotify and Apple Music, which have a smaller amount. This, without a doubt, gives you a great advantage over your competitors.

A very interesting function is the automatic mix. It consists of a playlist that can have between one and one hundred songs that the platform selects among our favorites.

In addition, it has inherited one of the most popular features of Google Play Music and allows you to upload your own songs. And best of all, you can upload the songs in different formats.

And with YouTube Music you can also download music for offline listening.

Lots of configuration options

The application allows you to configure a wide variety of aspects. Some are designed for you to save on your data plan. Thus, you can choose that the videos are not shown when the mobile is not connected to a Wi-Fi network, or that they are not shown in HD. You can add or remove subtitles, activate a restricted mode so that inappropriate videos are not shown, and much more.

Of course, where the app is a bit weak is in the quality of the sound it offers. In any case, there is information that points to the possibility that the Google platform is thinking of implementing an option that allows you to enjoy higher quality audio.

YouTube Music Premium APK Mod, unlock the best music

The best way to enjoy everything Google’s music platform has to offer for free is to download YouTube Music APK on your Android device.

In this way, you will be able to listen to all the music in the YouTube Music app catalog without limits and without advertising. Forget annoying and inconvenient advertisements! Of course, you will also have access to all YouTube videos.

Download the YouTube Music Premium APK mod right now and start listening to the best music on your mobile phone.

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